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pogo alert Plus
Pogo GPS Range - Pogo Alert Plus V4 - Speed Camera Detector - 2013 Model
Pogo Alert Plus - Speed Camera Detector

pogo Alert Plus
Pogo Alert Plus - Speed Camera Detector
New 2013 Pogo Alert Plus V4, Inc Laser Detector

Includes Plugin Laser Detector
Includes 12 months warranty
6 Months Free Subscription
Includes 24 Hour Delivery

Includes Backup & Technical Support
Includes backup & Technical Support

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Inc Vat
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The 'New' Pogo Alert Plus V4 offers the following,
great new features:

New Ultra Slim Design
New 1.8” colour OLED touch screen
New 8.5 h rechargeable Battery
New Apple Mac & PC Compatible Software for Camera Updates!
New Discrete Dash / Windscreen Mounting Options
New Journey Tracking, Speed Camera Check Facility & Much More
New EU Camera database covering Belgium, Holland, Spain and Portugal Legal to use across Western Europe
(with the exceptions of Switzerland and Germany).

Why buy a Origin Technologies (Pogo GPS) product?

Gatso Safety Cameras and Police Radar and Laser Safety units are often positioned on stretches of road that are considered to be particularly dangerous or where there is a high number of accidents. Many of these speed traps transmit a radar or laser beam that can be detected by a Pogo Alert Plus V4

However our latest range of products including the Pogo Drive, Pogo Alert Plus and the well established Origin B2 incorporate GPS technology so can indicate the location of Truvelo, SPECs, Speedcurb, Watchman and DS2 camera systems. As a result a Pogo GPS offers the widest cover available of Police speed monitoring systems and Accident Blackspots.

Having a Pogo GPS System installed you can therefore be sure that you are going to be alerted in advance to as many potentially dangerous and hazardous situations as possible! If you unsure which product to buy please call 01159 599 995 for expert advice.

Why Buy From Us

Pogo GPS Approved LogoThere are also now many companies selling Pogo's
on-line, however please be very careful to only purchase a Pogo from an authorised dealer.We are an authorised Pogo Internet dealer and being authorised means that the consumer is protected from stolen and counterfeit goods. Also only Authorised Dealers have the expertise to provide you with the best before and after sales service, so before making your purchase ensure that the site displays this logo.

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The Pogo Alert Plus is a fully portable safety and speed camera warning system , using the latest GPS satellite technology with a
full colour LCD display and 8.5 hour internal battery, fully up dateable via Apple Mac and PC

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