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Pogo Alert is an advanced, portable, Speed Camera information system for motor vehicles. PogoAlert GPS Camera Detector With Plugin Laser

Pogo Alert

2009 Revised Version -
Pogo Alert (V2)

The Brand New PogoAlert from Origin Technologies offers a fully portable safety and speed camera warning system using the latest GPS satellite technology with a full colour LCD display.

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PogoAlert - Pogo Alert
Auto Express Pogo Alert Review

PogoAlert includes:
1 x PogoAlert unit, Pogo Alert Laser, USB2 update lead, Windscreen Mount,Dash Mount, PogoAlert Software CD, PogoAlert User Guide

Pogo Alert Unit Dimentions:
H: 40mm | W: 60mm | D: 50mm
Screen Width: 45mm

The PogoAlert Overview - Latest 2006 Model Full TFT LCD Display with a
Mat Black Case & Brushed Alloy Casing

pogo alert

pogo alert pogo alert

Pogo Alert harnesses the power of orbiting GPS satellites to provide total protection against the threat of fixed speed cameras, mobile laser traps and accident blackspots. PogoAlert combines cutting-edge industrial design with a high resolution TFT colour screen, custom designed GPS hardware and an intuitive graphical user interface. The result is the most sophisticated speed camera locator ever to take to the road.

Pogo Alert has our award-winning speed camera database pre-loaded and provides comprehensive audible and visual alerts including speed trap type, speed limit and proximity to hazard. Pogo Alert also includes a highly sensitive infra - red laser detector to provide the fullest protection against mobile laser based speed traps and ‘safety camera vans

Laser sensor for detection of laser based speed traps
(detachable & removable – future legislation proof)

Pogo Alert Hardware Features (2009 Model)

  • 1.8” TFT colour LCD screen
  • On–Board laser detector (removable)
  • Dashboard and windscreen mounting kits
  • Fully portable, plug and play design
  • UK/ European Camera Locations

Pogo Alert Key Features

  • Alerts for ALL types of fixed traps - Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, DS2
  • Alerts for accident blackspots/Congestion Charging Cameras (time sensitive)
  • Schools (time sensitive) (alerts may be switched off by user
  • Alerts for user defined, personal locations
  • Personal over speed warnings
  • Driver Information System - displays distance covered, journey time and average speed
  • State-of-the-art 12 channel GPS receiver incorporated
  • Satellite searching status bar graph with mutable audio
  • GPS position display to assist breakdown services, etc
  • Unit settings summary on start up
  • Viewable unit subscription status
  • Powered by cigarette lighter
  • Directional feature - provides warnings only for speed traps positioned to catch
    Drivers travelling in the direction of the user
  • Limitator feature - full warning sounded only if the user is exceeding the prevailing speed limit
  • M/way feature - sounds warnings only for speed traps which are sited on the motorway network
    Warnings start either set distance from trap OR set time (factory settings 500m OR 15")
    M/way warnings may start further away than normal warnings (factory settings 700m OR 20")
  • Full user interface
  • LCD backlight brightness multi-adjustable
  • Backlit LCD screen displays:
  • Direction of vehicle travel
  • Vehicle speed
  • Clock
  • LCD screen displays when in range of speed trap:
  • Type of speed trap (symbol)
  • Vehicle speed
  • Speed limit
  • Road number
  • Countdown (metres or seconds) to speed trap
  • Progress bar to speed trap
  • LCD screen - programmable for backlight to become brighter when in range of speed trap.
  • Screen also used to display user-programming options
  • Audible speed trap alerts - "beep" and voice
  • Individual volume settings for different warning types
  • Auto mute setting with adjustable "muted" volume
  • Voice warning of camera type/speed limit when in vicinity of speed trap
  • LED speed trap warning/status lightsSpeed trap proximity warning user definable - from 200m to 2000m OR from 5-30 seconds
  • Software supplied for Internet locations updates
  • Future software improvements downloadable via Internet
  • Auto power-off

Outstanding Design & Quality

Whilst remaining affordable the new PogoAlert system is manufactured from the highest quality materials and only uses the highest quality software. A GPS Camera Detector system is clearly only as good as it Camera software and that's why Pogo Alert utilises The Origin360 Database, ensuring that you can travel from A to B using the best Camera Locaton Device possible and more importantly, without getting a Speeding Ticket!

Speed Camera Alerts

Pogo AlertOther units offer you the chance to know where speed cameras are on your route, but no otherorigin360 camera database
satellite navigation system utilises Origins unique Origin 360 database. Origin 360 incorporates camera locations across Europe, so from London to Monaco you will always be protected.

PogoAlert offers even more unique features by using Origin 360's camera location technology. Unlike other portable navigators, Pogo Alert provides full, clear alerts, confirming the speed camera type, the speed limit at the point of the alert and counts down accurately to the hazard.

Pogo Alert Speed Camera Screen Alerts

pogo alert speed camera alerts display pogo alert speed camera alerts displaypogo alert speed camera alerts display

pogo alert speed camera alerts display pogo alert speed camera alerts displaypogo alert speed camera alerts display

Pogo Alert Large GPS Speed Reading Display

pogo alert GPS speed Reading display pogo alert GPS speed Reading display

Patented ‘Limitator’ Feature - Pogo Alert

PogoAlert recognises your speed. So if you are under the speed limit as you approach a speed camera or high risk zone it will only give you a visual alert. Of course if you are over the speed limit you will get a full audible alert including voice warnings.

Patented Directional Feature - Pogo Alert

PogoAlert provides warnings only for speed traps positioned to catch Drivers travelling in the direction of the user

Data updates of safety camera locations via PC

With the Pogo Alert is updatable via USB2 port for data downloads via the internet (PC USB)

System requirements: In order to update PogoAlert’s safety camera database you will require a PC running Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME or Vista system software and internet access.

PogoAlert Detection Features

  • Gatso Cameras
  • Truvelo Cameras
  • Specs Cameras
  • DS2
  • Speedcurb
  • Watchman
  • New Multi lense 'Daddy' Gatso
  • Accident blackspots
  • Mobile Laser sites - Moble Hand Held Guns
  • High Risk Zones
  • Covers UK/ N Ireland
  • European Camera Locations

PogoAlert Product Shots


Pogo AlertPogo Alert

Pogo Alert pogo alert
pogo alert screen shot pogo alert settings

More detailed Photography of the Pogo Alert / Accessories can be viewed here:
More Pogo Alert images >>

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The Pogo Alert Plus is a fully portable safety and speed camera warning system , using the latest GPS satellite technology with a
full colour LCD display and 8.5 hour internal battery, fully up dateable via Apple Mac and PC

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